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Certification of product: EN 1090With reference to CE Marking of any product it is legally the responsibility of the “manufacturer” to determine the execution level (with reference to EN 1090).As with any product, the one actually placing the product into the market must be the one taking legal responsibility to ensure compliance – otherwise the whole free market will be awash with damaging products – at worst a product causing death by manufacturing negligence!


Therefore, when considering a contract obligation, always confirm the execution level with the one placing the product into the market. However, if this information with reference to the execution level is not forthcoming (and cannot be identified within the contract specification), please don’t worry, because it is very likely that you have been contracted to provide a part of the contract specification; in short, if you are technically confident that your business can meet with the technical specification provided, then this is your only contract obligation, e.g. to quote your customer and agree the contract and deliver the fabricated and welded item. • Execution level 1 – Agricultural buildings, greenhouses, etc. (no NDT unless required by the customer) • Execution level 2 – Domestic and residential (NDT is required based on the EN 1090 table 24 requirements) • Execution level 3 – Larger and higher public buildings, etc. more production control than 2 above. • Execution level 4 – Stadiums, power station, underground, etc. more production control than 3 above The usual place for the execution level is detailed within the technical drawing for the product required and or within the contract terms and conditions issued by the buyer (your customer or the main contractor, placing the product onto the market). With reference to the EN 1090 series requirements, the standard states that where the execution level is not specified, the default level is execution level two – EXC 2 is the default and common level. However, it is worth agreeing the execution level with the customer prior to agreeing the contract specification and agreeing to proceed with the work

Certified organisations can promote themselves as certificate holders in their promotional materials and can include the URS certification logo free of charge.

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